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Testo Catharsis For Dummies

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I can't tell which lights to go through and you can't want me like I want you. Tell me how you always... I know when I awake in the afternoon; it hurts to be so wrong. Because drunk turns like to love in fucked up words. We always sleep alone. My ethyl army halts when I do. It stops like heartbeats. Who do yours go to? Tell me how you always can stand him without vomiting. I know when I awake in the afternoon; it hurts to be so wrong. And I can only wait for you to call. You'll never sleep alone. When it comes down, it's not easy. Why can't we stay gone? Because you've got a life. Next time I won't just speak if I'm spoken to. But it's hard to really want you when everybody wants you. It makes me want to fail, makes me ignore you. It makes me want to want you anyway.

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