Stronger Than Evil Testo

Testo Stronger Than Evil

I see the swords - I hear the sound
My comrades falling to the ground
We're fighting till the very end
My mind is hell-bent on revenge

Stronger Than Evil - no longer a fool
Stronger Than Evil - too strong for you
Stronger Than Evil - soldier in command
Stronger Than Evil - more powerful than man

The power in my hand is free
Shining bright for all to see
You've rejected all I said
But it's too late you've expired
Now you're dead

Overloaded and loving it all
is something I love to hate
Crushing the skulls of those who won't
follow - I can hardly wait
Revenge is mine I'll pay you back
I'll make you earn your tears
I'm coming back to take what's mine
I'll see you in 7 years

Fire waits for those who fall
And follow not the master's call
The mark upon your forehead ticks
Beware - the mark is 666
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