Vicious Attack Testo

Testo Vicious Attack

He walks in the streets
He talks in your sleep
He stares in your eyes
He laughs as you cry

Silence is his way
Slicing thru the day
A blinding flash of light
Watch him kill on sight
Hiding in the shadows
The anger's burning bright
A twelve inch metal blade
It's time to taste the pain

Maniac...On Your Track
Maniac...The Loser's Back

He's walking in the streets
He's talking in your sleep
He's staring in your eyes
He's laughing as you cry

Off the beaten track
There's no turning back
A homicidal man
Roaming thru the land

A savage on the prowl
It's all happening now
Putting people to rest
His never ending quest

Maniac...On Your Track
Maniac...The Loser's Back
Maniac...On Your Track
Maniac...The Loser's Back

Cutting them all down
Salvation's underground
A mercenary's will
Using speed and skill
Eating human flesh
Dressed in steel mesh
Society's to blame
Now he's gone insane
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