Viperion Ardant Testo

Testo Viperion Ardant

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Always when the twilight came
And the mist appeared
They arrived with smoke and fire
Then and then only

Fiery serpent, primeval heat
primitive force of the Earth's spirits
Undefiled by blood of the Anointed
Still powerful, dressed in aura of fear

Blood was running, heads were rolling
Some of them become chalices
But no blood was ever drunk
We are the power of heavens,
we are the substance of earth

They say, that the specters guide the mists
There were no apparitions, nor deceased
Viperion Ardant, son snake blazing wolf
Army of the hurricane commanded by the king of ravens

On the throne of ashes lunar prince
Black heart pulsates with lava
Whole strength, force of living tree
was devoured by dead waves
In the endless depths of Neda.

Fortunate is the one,
at whom they not look with reproach.
Lord of Justice delights with them!
Withdraw and leave your poison

Who would like to remember
About another order of things
Who in the age marked by light
Will remember the king of serpents?
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