Only Suckaz Get Hit With Right Hands Testo

Testo Only Suckaz Get Hit With Right Hands

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
You've been around for a couple of weeks
always tried to prove something to me
it's just some bullshit that i don't need,
kids like you are all the same
you claim edge for a couple of years
but when your 21, i'll see you drinkin' some beers
i thought your edge was so fucking strong
man, you could have proven me wrong

nothing means shit to me anymore
it's always happening, my head is always on the fucking floor
back against the wall, nowhere to turn
my head is sick of questions
listen sucker, it's time you fucking learn

so let me set the record straight
before you start having some doubt
if you try to pull some shit
we will call you out
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