Cosmopolitician Testo

Testo Cosmopolitician

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
(Lyrics: Gold-Janey Diamond / Music: Gold-Bloss-Echolette)

I sleep between the gates of night, in a no man's land
Always closer than you think, a kind of your best friend
I have no religion and i have no flag
I don't care if you're wrong or right
Lilac skinned or black
I'm a cosmopolitician
Closer than your next of kin
Angel, devil of the night
And the seed of everything

And if your world has turned to ashes
I will leave you never
Even when the sun's blown out, i will shine forever
I caress you with my charms
I'm your best friend, the dream
I'm the light that guides you through the nights
And deepest haze
I'm a cosmopolitician...

You need a friend without a doubt
I wonder why you came around
Are you awake or do you dream
You're stuck inside a frozen scene
You try to move but there's no moves
You try to speak but there's no use
You try to wake but you can't
You close your eyes without a chance
You need a friend without a doubt
I wonder why you came around
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