Welcome To The Sun Testo

Testo Welcome To The Sun

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(Lyrics: Gold/music: Gold-Lloyd-Mertens)

It's the start of the season
The dawning is near
The age of fish ends announcing the news of the year
The tiger returns to the jungle
The wolf comes home to his yard
When you say it feels good to be back
Then it's just one step further on to the heart
Getting over, getting over
It's the start of the season
Creep out of the arc
Leave your sticky asylum behind and step out of the dark
There's an open horizon before us
There is a rainbow under my eyes
The detector reads low radiation
And you are fearless to rise til you're high
Getting over, getting over
It's the start of the season
Over the land
A mockingbird is singing a song near the tide's restaurant
As you undress your movie-blue diving suit
Your innocent skin shines so white
We shall be one
Under the sun
Right here in the power of the light
Come to the summer
Welcome to the sun
Come to the summer
To the
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