Dreams Testo

Testo Dreams

Oh so deep down in my dreams I see your face
We're in love together so close, so far away
I live my own life with closed eyes, with closed eyes again

Dream with me... no longer reality, no more
Live my life with closed eyes, hide against moonlight
In bad times we hold together, in good ones we live forever
Baby, you and I... our love will never die

Dream with me... no longer reality, no more
A dream of love, a love I cannot give
A dream I cannot live, a love I cannot find
Living in the darkness of my own mind

And I crave for noone else but you
And I know my feelings for you are true
Nothing else inside my heart remains
My soul, I failed

Deep down when the firefly touches your soul
You wanna hold me, drug me, keep me, fool me
In your arms you want to die now with me
Baby you want to die now, die now, die...
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