The Coming Singularity Testo

Testo The Coming Singularity

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Beside careening walls
In a crowded room
The Snake sheds in the Space between breaths

Black-masked Brothers
Reside atop usurped thrones
weeping over fallen grains of sand
Now a crow flies east
Now a river is dammed shut
Half in the night
Half in the sun

Time accelerating
Still too slow
If only they could feel
The burning unwavering source

Soul swells vast
(The) Blue spreads open glistening
Bracing for the momentum
Of the ever-rising Sphere
Enjoined, the cup overflows
The parched children rejoice
Oh Minister, thy words unchain the bounty of pure and holy lust
What was dim grows nearer
Words not merely heard

Rise Up!
Come Forth!
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