12 Testo

Testo 12

Tiziano Ferro, al concerto non si presentano 1000 persone per paura di attentati
Every time I try, take a look inside the stars
I should take a deep breathe 'cause I'm missing someone
Someone I am not, and its someone I don't care
Cuz you shouldn't have regrets, cuz you shouldn't have regrets

All my life, I've been living by the edge
I've been having my mistakes, I've been missing older days
All my life, we've been holding like snakes, holding like snakes
When I think another places, when I think another place

All these times we should have know
We should have known, should have known
It's not that bad, it's not last time
But, Please god sake
Give me one more chance


All my tries, I prove in to my eyes
I should take a deep breathe, take a deep breathe
All my life, we've been holding like snakes,
When I think another place, think another place
All my life is said and done
Cuz now it's gone, now it's gone

You shouldn't back, shouldn't back
You should have known
Should have known this time
Give me, give me another day to feel the so… sorrow