Don't Get Me Wrong Testo

Testo Don't Get Me Wrong

I think I have a drinking problem
Alcohol, won't do on me
I'm just sick of being sober
I'm just sick of apathy
If I could find a new addiction
One new drug or coke for me
That would mean the stars to me
In this third world ass country

I hate my life!

Don't get me wrong I don't drink cuz I'm alone
I'm addicted to stupidity
Ha, ha, ha!
I need to destroy all my thinking cells
Cuz it makes me feel much better
Ah, ah, ah!

Pick it up yo!
Here we go again!

Ignorant piece of shit
Comprehend that this is it
Drink alone, get fucked up
I don't care if you're in dope
Fuck my life, fuck my life
Tell my mom I hate her so
Let me be, let me stay away from...
What the fuck I'm saying?!
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