Dreaming Of A Rescue Team Testo

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Testo Dreaming Of A Rescue Team

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
This was all an act
A poor example of deception
Now I'm falling backwards
Off this bridge you built

The clocks are all telling us it's our time
(It's our time)
It's our time to shine
To face these fears with our
Heads against the walls
(Were all vultures)

Now as the blood pumps
Through your veins
We sit silently alone for an awhile
Before it become contagious

Come on baby I'm like a disease

Were sleeping under burning skies
Just to pass the time
Now you've got me in a chokehold
And you won't let go

(Let go)
Steady now, I'll hold you hand
Keep you head above the water
Its consuming, it's over
We've lost all hope, I can see halos

We'll dance to the sound of
One thousand sirens to put us too sleep

Were sleeping under burning skies
Just to pass the time
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