Land Barracuda Testo

Testo Land Barracuda

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Theirs nothing left of me
So come on in and enjoy the party
Theirs nothing left of me
So I'll exit quietly

Well been treading along this beaten path
For far too long
It's not our first time singing this nauseous song

Last chance to shoot him
First impressions are always second guessed
But I'd march towards that romantic tune
Playing in the background of the gun fire

Let's start with anxiety on our mind
Hide your guns and knifes
Tell the orchestra to keep on playing
Were inhaling smoke with an iron lung

Sing this requiem as if it was to be the last song
Sung by man, until birthed again

I think I know you all to well

Looks like I'm in line for the guillotine
At least I look rather charming this time

This accident has left me reckless
And now holding on breathless

Three doctors next to me
The syringes can call this a party
Three doctors next to me
I'll go out silently

You fled the scene with guilt breathing on your neck
The witches watched you from every angle
Where do you go when
Everyone knows your name
Where do you go when
Everyone knows

There's a hungry wolf in the crowd and he's looking at you
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