Hot 16 Testo

Testo Hot 16

Girl I got some music
I'm trying to play it with you
But before we get into it
Let's play the...
Don't worry about that tempo
Ain't anything that could change
The melody...
Would you miss the first time
So I'm gonna let you free style
So whatever comes to your mind
But me I've been doing this for a while
It's ok if you can't keep up with mine

How long does it come to reach up a peak
Make about the work I'm gonna put it to make it scream
All disappoint that's on everything
Whatever you want is going to happen in this hot 16
Tell me if you want to
This is what I'm gonna do
It ain't gonna take all night long
We're about to make a masterpiece
Something to remember when I met you
Hot 16

Baby guess the rhythm
Synchronize our flow
When we come together
It's unbelievable
Could it be the troubles... got us
It's getting hotter
... you're exciting and getting chill
And your body is taking over girl
We are open to this poetry
We write new position
We are making history


... is magic
... gonna be a classic
16 without you
I just can't have it
... shake every... and play
... have my attention with every breath you take
And everything you do is got me feeling you
... will be through

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