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Testo Boys, Girls, Sing!

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I said you might.
want to rethink your actions tonight.
'cause that short skirt replaces your innocence.
lovely blue eyes.
to go along with your persistant sighs.
you were the one that wanted to come here in the first place.
it's not like this is the end of the world.
it's just another saturday in the park.
the boys and girls are singing la da da, da da da.
so let's join them.
yeah let's be best friends.
yeah let's fall in love if only for tonight.
i saw your hands.
reach up toward the air while the wind pulled your hair.
you were screaming something about how you hated the winter.
i lied when i said.
that i hated this life and i was better off dead.
i'm really quite fond of morning's smile and the night sky.
you said didn't wanna.
and i had never heard a lie that big from a kid so small.
the past is just the perfect prolugue to the present.
you gotta you gotta you gotta give it back.
because you never if you ever had the chance to.
its hard to see the world if a mirror's what you look through.
taking chances on the rooftops of your hometown.
you're so cute when your feet make love to the ground.
and you've got such lovely blue eyes.
can't forget about the stars and your night skies.
i guess this, i guess this alright.
well oh well, it's gonna be tonight

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