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Testo Envy The Living

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Well it's Friday night.
What the fuck are we doing here?
If i didn't have this song stuck in my head.
I'm sure my thoughts would be a little more clear.
No excuses this time gonna keep it in drive.
So don't fuss or fight .
We're gonna live like our buried souls have been brought back to life.
I know i've said it.
At least a thousand times before.
But please just keep your mouth shut.
Let's live for once.
Well the streetlights are in line.
And they're not moving for anybody anywhere.
So i guess we'll take our business elsewhere for now.
And when they go out, we'll pour like rain through the streets.
And light this town up like a goddamn miracle they'll wish they had never seen. Well they took everything and told you that you couldn't go. It can't hurt if you don't know. It won't hurt if you don't know. Let's live again. Let's live again. Let's live again like we used to. Let's live again like we used to

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