It's Fine With Me (Acoustic) Testo

Testo It's Fine With Me (Acoustic)

Well today's your birthday
And i'll be so happy, so glad to see you tomorrow
Hope you feel better
I know yesterday wasn't the best
I wrote you this song
So does that mean I'll own your heart forever
Like it says in the big bold letters
On your opening page
It's good to see
You kept up with the death cab buttons you stole from me
And it's fine with me
If you want to wear your sunglasses at night
'cause I, just have to tell you
I'm not so sure what I
Would do without you
I know it's cold outside,
But would you want to go for a ride
'cause this late night's just no fun without you
And I just wanted to say thanks
You're the only reason I've smiled in days
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