Sign Language (Heart) Testo

Testo Sign Language (Heart)

saturday is here and you're not. anywhere to be found. you're not under my bed, you're not at my window seal. i tried your call. i tried to chase you. but you, you're gone. you're not lost in the wind, you're not under my shoes. no no one around here has seen you in a while. where have you gone girl? won't you please make a call or at least leave a note. the next time you decide to leave this home. 'cause see home is where the heart is. but without you it's heartless. sticks, stones and handme down clothes. collections of songs in the middle of a road. on a record you threw away. sunsets on sundays and old home movies. grass stains on your jeans you wear twice a week. divided by the minus sign you stole from a thrift store. on the corner of the road up the street. won't you grab a fine photograph or paper ad. hold it up slightly and tell me what you see. sorry, but it's nothing more than paper and ink see what i'm trying to say is i can't keep a memory. on a 4 x 6 rectangle cut by a machine. no it's just not as good as you and me. holding hands. watching movie screens. watering plastic plants. making paper mache hearts to tape to your bare walls. singing loud, because we can. learning different languages. and planning trips to france, that will never happen. where have you gone girl? i was just wondering... more like hoping i suppose. that maybe you could save me from myself without you. it's not pretty. the days are too long. the nights are ugly. the stars are gone. the sky's cried for 15 days straight. so have i. we miss you a lot. to say the least. come back to me. come back to me. i'll make you a cake. and assorted chocolates. from a box that i bought at a store up the road you're kinda like sign language. useless if i can't see you all the time. without you i'm blind

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