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Testo Come Join Us

so you say you gotta know why the world goes 'round and you can't find the truth in the things you've found and you're scared shitless 'cuz evil abounds come join us well I heard you were looking for a place to fit in full of adherent people with the same objective a family to cling to and call brethren come join us all we want to do is change your mind all you need to do is close your eyes come join us come join us come join us don't you see all trouble that most people are in and that they just want you for their own advantage but I swear to you we're different from all of them come join us I can tell you are lookin' for a way to live where truth is determined by consensus full of codified arbitrary directives come join us all we want to have is your small mind turn it into one of our own kind you can go through life adrift and alone desperate, desolate, on your own but we're lookin' for a few omre stalwart clones come join us come join us come join us we've got spite and dedication as a vehement brew the world hates us, well we hate them too but you're exempted of course if you come join us independent, self-contented, revolutionary intellectual, brave, strong and scholarly if you're not one of them, you're us already so come join us come join us come join us come join us come join us

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