Damned To Be Free Testo

Testo Damned To Be Free

Death and the shadow that it casts on life
Scares me little or none
People tell me of a divine right and a happy chosen one
I'm a freak 'cuz my morals clash with others in my world
I go home, while they work hard
And they say I'm wrong
There's only one place to be
While living with tragedy
If their sins affected me
I gotta be damned to be free
Freedom is responsibility
Pay more than its worth
Instincts tell us not to die
Hazy myths since birth
Learn their rules, play their games
Deceive yourself in haste
Turn your own brain into dust
Its not theirs to waste
Thinkin' this world it ain't so bad
Dyin' it's just another fad
Workin' eight hours its not for me
Dyin' it's just your destiny
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