Pity Testo

Testo Pity

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
I show pity on the human race, on the ignorant plenty
who devote their lives to an icon that they've never known
I show pity on eons past when a clever man
started the first civilization and human aggression was born
I show pity on the future to come when the government systems
will be omnipotent and we'll be worse off.....than we are now
Pity, Pity, on the masses of ignorant people
Pity, Pity, on the masses of aggression
Pity, Pity, on the future centuries to come
It's all a matter of looking at the past
It's all a question: Are we going to last?
If we endure the aggression that's inside all of us
We'll wipe out our own species and thus....the world!