Outgunned Testo

Testo Outgunned

as strong as any weapon as sharp as any blade
a burning desire to rise above and overcome any barricade
to vault over the burning ashes of those not up to the task
and make up for whats lost in muscle by outfighting those who'd block our
the same pain that stops you drives me on
we've all been outnumbered
we've all been outgunned
but i'll choose to stand where you choose to run
as strong as any weapon as sharp as any blade
in spite of hurt and in spite of pain
i've got scars to remind me
tough times and darker days
new demons arise but i won't change
with every dark days sunset comes the promise of new days
and what was lost cannot be in vain.
you sit and cry and about the pain in your life
but what have you done to make it change
tears won't do nothing but ruin your make-up
and i've no time for your complaints
go and suffer
i've not times for your complaints.
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