Greyscale Testo

Testo Greyscale

Somewhere between the headlines are all the lies in black and white
And everything we've worked for is just a memory
And we've been holding out for something more
Have you tried new ethnic cleansing Tide for brighter whites and genocide
A promo spot put on prime-time to purify the public
Mind your business)
Shut your mouth like you did before, this time it's war

Whatever you say, the lives we've led now seem so far away
And we've been broken and left without love in our hearts

Don't take it away the one life we've got

Somewhere beyond the floodlights are a people stripped of basic rights
And everything they've bled for don't matter anyway
Cuz soon they won't be breathing anymore

No wrong or right, just night and day
We live our lives in shades of grey
No dark or light, just one big haze
We live our lives in shades of grey.
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