Boys From The Men Testo

Testo Boys From The Men

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
If you had a plan
Of what to do when you're a man
You could be happy
Giving yourself a good time

Well, you're almost free
Free of ties which could surround you
Stifling all your instincts of survival

It's a hard old world
I remember when a girl,
Closeted school days,
Terrified out of my mind

When I left, I felt
That my life had somehow ended
How could I cope with problems on this scale
It's like your heart is for sale

Through the next years, they say the best years of your life
Of your life
You cement relationships to last you forever
But when you look back on those friends
What have you got, not a lot
But one or two to carry through
To love you a lot

So please find your place
Taking life at such a pace, you can deal with
Don't let yourself be confined
When you find your way, all those facets fit so tightly
Everything that you love will be a prize
It takes so long to be wise
It takes so long to be wise
It takes so long to be wise
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