Donal Og Testo

Testo Donal Og

And if you should go across the water
Take me with you to be your partner
At fair and market you'll be well looked after
And you shall sleep with the Greek King's daughter

Oh Donal Og, you'll not find me lazy
Like many a high born expensive lady
I'll do your milking, I'll nurse your baby
And if you're set on, I'll defend you bravely

I saw you first on a Sunday evening
Before the Easter, as I was kneeling
'Twas of Christ's passion that I was reading
But my mind was on you, and my own heart bleeding

Black as the sloe is the heart that's in me
Black as the coal is the grief that blinds me
Black as the bootprint on shining hallway
'Twas you that blackened it, ever and alway

For you took what's before me and what's behind me
Took East and West when you would not mind me
Sun, moon and stars from my sky have been taken
And God as well, or I'm much mistaken
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