Friend In Need Testo

Testo Friend In Need

J Ax e Fedez tornano con Assenzio
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You came to me, hand on your broken heart
For a shoulder to cry on
You came to me looking for a confidante
And a friend you could rely on
Friendships border relationships
And I'm showing signs of strain
It's the same old story with the same old script
Only now the rules have changed


Baby, I'm a friend in need
And I really need to be loved by you
You got me so that I can't see
Baby, I'm a friend indeed, a friend in need of love

You asked for advice and security
And I tried to sound mature
But how can my words reach maturity
When my heart's so insecure
'Cos friendships border relationships
And it's so hard to define
But you cannot plead immaturity
When you cross the borderline

Friends may come, friends may go
But love will always stay
Dreams become reality
When friends and dreamers give their hearts away

I know that the last thing you're looking for
Is a casual affair
But if we get involved
We may just solve our mutual despair

  • Guarda il video di "Friend In Need"
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