If I Never, Ever Saw You Again Testo

Testo If I Never, Ever Saw You Again

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The question that you never asked demanded no reply
To be there was the truth, to say it was the lie
And grateful was the giver for the gift of you and I
So be thankful for a reason to complain
That it's all been left behind, and I know I wouldn't mind
If I never, ever saw you again

Think of everything we said, were our words of wisdom new
Had we spoken them before to the very special few
Well a tongue-tied secret's all of what is left we wished was true
When I couldn't find a way to explain
And you thought I wasn't kind when I said I wouldn't mind
If I never, ever saw you again

In another time and place would we have more to share
Than the memory that is so long gone, it was never really there
In the cool clear light of day, do we know how much we care
For the shadows of the night that remain
And perhaps I think you'll find that you wouldn't really mind
If I never, ever saw you again
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