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Testo The Climb

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Out along the urban clearway
Sending him the road he came
Mayve he'll be someone someday
Everyone will know his name
Even if he learns the hard way
Maybe it'll take some time
Everywhere you've played is worth it
When you've made the climb

People in a smoky bar room
Listen to the words he sings
Wonder where the songs all come from
Finger picking weary strings
Gonna set his life to music
Found a reason for the rhyme
Waiting for the break
The day he's gonna make the climb

When will you lift your lift your eyes
Burning skies are promising the dawn
Forget the part you played in the masquerade
And maybe a song will help you go on

Met him at a late night party
Heard him in the concert hall
Saw him in a transport cafe
Bought him at the record store
Read him in the music papers
Played him for the thousandth time
And everybody said that finally
He'd made the climb

Somewhere on the urban clearway
Someone sings his favourite song
Guitar in a battered hard case
Falling as he walks along
Thanking him for inspiration
Trying to complete the mind
Walking in a dream and he
Doesn't even see the climb

When will you lift your eyes
Morning skies are promising the dawn
Forget the part you played in the masquerade
And maybe a song'll help you go on

Do, do, do, do......
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