If I'd Stayed Around Testo

Testo If I'd Stayed Around

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Every road I stand upon
Every new place that I find
Loving someone, remembering more
Always something takes my time


What would have happened if I'd stayed around
Would I have been with you?
What would have happened if I'd stayed around
Would I have been with you?

The sun sets on singers on the sands out of sight
Walking their weary ways back home
My head is not heavy but my eyes and arms are full
One thought's lingering to roam


Girls in their forties and girls in their teens
Girls with their husbands far from home
Some with their hair down and some with their eyes closed
All with their ribbons well undone


Man by a roadside and in a factory
Drivers on wagons going north
Friends in a public bar with the dartboard as their guard
Never turn to ask me what I'm worth


Buying a present for a newborn child
Drowning in whisky and gin
Watching a girl child cry to my face
With her mother asking where I've been

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