Aragog Tonight Testo

Testo Aragog Tonight

Follow the spiders
Follow your fears
Follow those things that make you cringe when they draw near
Follow them into the forest
We gotta find Aragog tonight (Aragog tonight)
He will not hurt you if you are Rubeus Hagrid
He will not hurt you, 'cause Aragog is dead

Hedwig, please, will you send a message for me tonight
I have no time, can you pick it up from me mid-flight
It contains a message that we must get out into the world
Aragog is no more

Take a swig of Felix
Walk through the hall
Need to find that Slughorn
You gotta get him to walk
With you down to Hagrid's
It's Aragog's funeral tonight (funeral tonight)
Slughorn wants his venom
And you want that memory
Try and make a trade when there's no one left but him and me

Hedwig, please, I got another message for you tonight
Take it straight to Dumbledore; he'll know it's right
I got the memory is all; it's going to say
So what is a Horcrux anyway?
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