The Year I Took Divinity, You Stole My Heart Testo

Testo The Year I Took Divinity, You Stole My Heart

She's going with Cedric to the Yule Ball instead of me
She's taking that pompous ass, Cedric Diggory
He may be the true champion, but I've got one up on him
I told him about those dragons

Hermione looks so good
And Ron is as selfish like I knew he would
Cho is as beautiful as can be
And here I am; I'm stuck with Pavarti

Don't get me wrong, I think she looks good
She's just not my type
I could go for a little Cho in my life
This Christmas will seem a little blue without you, dear
But you don't care; you're with him

This Yule Ball, it sucks bad
Everyone is having fun but me and Ron
Look at Hermione and Krum
Looks like they're falling in love
Everyone is in love
But not with me
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