Too Bad Testo

Testo Too Bad

Too bad for me, too bad I'll be your fool again Because I love you, yes, I do You're now with someone new While I wait in vain for you It's too bad, too bad My heart must pay You know I've thought of you Holding him tenderly Telling him things you told to me I know it was all wrong, my sweet I wonder what's come over you It's too bad, too bad But I must pay You didn't mind not seeing me Every, every, every day Oh, waiting weeks by the telephone I'm sorry for the way I mistreated you You were all alone It's sad, my dear, it's sad I'm sure we're both to blame Some day again our hearts will meet Until that day comes I'll leave you in his arms And I'll say too bad But I must pay And I'll say too bad But I must pay Baby, baby, baby It's bad but I must pay And I know, I know that it's Terrible, terrible, darling But I've got to pay Baby, and it's bad, bad....

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