April 5th Testo

Testo April 5th

And I say just drive, And you're the one that takes me there, With you its all ways the same I'm on top of the world Do you remember the times when we Escaped from tonight The moonlight lit up your eyes As we listened to our song You had that strange look in your eye And you turn to me and say This is how it is It's you and me right now And that's how its gonna stay You're so good to me Took my dreams and made them reality It's happen to me for the first time And it all makes sense This time its for real It's the way it supposed to be I have you to myself You have me on my knees We sat and watch the sunrise For the millionth time With a million more times to come Lets watch the sunrise one last time Lets relive this moment once again I'm hoping things will never change You're my one and only We sit at the old creek on the oak tree Where we shared our first kiss That was the dawn of April 5th Lets watch the sunrise one last time.....

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