Darkroom Testo

Testo Darkroom

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Darken shadows fill my room Swollen eyes Sleeping longer heals the wounds Lonely tears run dry I turning over pictures A painful length of time Shattered trust from lies Broken bonds once tied Was I fading away from your heart? A place where you once held me high Confined in solitude The emptiness inside A part of me has died You took me in, I held you oh so strong One day to late, repair the damage that's been done And I somehow lose my mind.... I'm sitting frozen in my room My worst aversion that I've given up on you My inspiration, my motivation I've lost my grip and watch you... FALL! Wasn't I honest, wasn't I there Didn't I listen, didn't I care Searching for you, longing for you Apart of me is not here Never you before, I never questioned

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