Dreaming In Clouds Testo

Testo Dreaming In Clouds

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Arise like the Phoenix from the ash,
And fly away pass the stars,
To find the path to the times,
When everything was still fine.
And now when you are still not certain,
What you are looking for,
The answers seem to be in a dream,
You see every night.

You are searching from the wrong places,
The answer it is inside of you,
You are dreaming in clouds trying to spread out,
You wings once more...

[Chorus Bis I]
You open your eyes to see the bright light,
Blinded (by) it you try to blink for awhile,
Your eyes wont shut you cant see anymore,
You wonder now why you did it for

[Bis II]
Again you are climbing down the stairs,
Dreaming I'll find what I'm looking for,
And now you are a hundred years old,
Long gone youth, near memory in mind.
Priest asks what you long before you die,
In mind you only have one question.
Why I never found what I was looking for,
And I die without the answer.

[Bis II]

[Bis I]
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