Time Of Reflection Testo

Testo Time Of Reflection

[Bis 1]
Shine of a love on me
Growing Sun
Passion I do not want
to change

She steals my only hope
My freedom
Maybe it's too late
She waits my dawn

The valley I walk
Inside my mind,
My madness times

I am falling far, beyond horizon
With the stars

I see all my dreams
are fading
To die at war
She tells us why

(It's) time of reflection
I'll leave my shell
(I'll) tell your secrets
To end your days.

[Bis 2]

Many times I could have shown
How I really was
But you never left me be the one I am.

You believed your power
Could destroy me and the rest
This shows how ambition has consumed all of you.
Think you in my mind
But there are some things, my dear,
That should have never been.

Time of reflection
What it all leads to?

I see all my dreams are fading
Today at war
She said goodbye

Time of reflection
What it all leads to?

[Bis 1 & Bis 2]
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