I'm Tryin' Testo

Testo I'm Tryin'

One: B.G.I'm tryin' to do rightBut I'm surrounded by wrongAvoid the all night flightAnd still make it on my ownI'm tryin' be cool Do what I gotta doBut playa haters all overSo I roll with my crewI'm tryin' stay overAnd just stay my ass in schoolAin'tmany choices to chooseAnd this rap game I can't refuseI wanna win don't want to be the one to looseMy pistol my only friendCause busters try to bring the bluesLeavin brains with no cluesSpin the ben in black clothesThey tryin' ta' take my only lifeLeave my folks on the front rowBury me in providenceHeavy weight that roseThey wanna steal the B.G.Now tell me AltonAin't that coldWhat can I do Now what can I do to get out the gameWhat can I do Now what can I do to make changeEvery other day around my way niggas dyin'Hours flyin I want to go straight boy I'm tryin'-Chorus- (Juvenile)I'm tryin' to shake the monkey off of meLord please let me go where I needs to beBall 'till I fall it's a poor familyFo' sho' I know the future got a lot of stuff for meVerse Two: B.G.I'm tryin' to get my mail straightSell cd's and tapesI don't want to be jail baitNiggas want to kill meAnd increase the hell rateThey almost got meBut I slip the spot it was too lateI wanna be a role model for my lil' brotherAnd buy a fifteen room manison for my motherSettle down wit' a silent hoe And drop a tight seedSo I can raise another uptown B.G.Just like meI'ma give 'em but I wish had a dadHe goin' be smart and bad niggaThrowin' up a solga ragThis world is kuruptedThe police is crookedMy boy was runnin with a ??? gunHis young life they took itThis ??? is rottenEveryday it get's colderThey throwin' away the keySendin' the soldiers to angoulaMy round slangin' that yolaWith they hand on that ironTo keep my mind rightBeleive nigga I'm tryin'-Chorus-Verse Three: Lil' WayneI'm tryin' to be a man at fourteenChoppin iron at fourteen'Nigga that tells my only way (B.G.: Look where you stand at fourteen) A lil' bity somethingWhuckin, representin' partnersAin't to good in my neighborhoodUptowns my partnerI ain't lie i'm tryin To go the right wayBut the night flight wayJust ain't the right wayI wan' be a gangsta but also wan' liveSo I choose to be a uptown HotBoy hard to killSittin' behind the cruiser wheel Can't even see me I'm so lil'And you expect me to give thisJust to switch to positiveAs hard as I'm tryin' do it I just can't make a shapeSchool I'm tryin' go through it but I just can't make a shapeGettin' in beef that resultin' into serious gun slanginDo good I want yeah but on half i just keep hangin'I'm lookin for a change but change ain't lookin for meWill I remain a B.G. Or a A studentWe'll see-Chorus- 2x

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