Move Around Ft Mannie Fresh Testo

Testo Move Around Ft Mannie Fresh

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Mannie Fresh] Ladies and gentlemen (Buh buh buh buh bip) I have a special guest gangsta (Buh buh buh buh bip) Back for the first time ya heard (Buh buh buh buh bip) Along with Fresh [Raps] If you's a gangsta homey bop ya head, let 'em hang I see ya shake it shawty, gon girl, do ya thang Do the chain, just a watch and a pinky ring Now everybody come together, join along and sing [Chorus] I'm from the ghetto homey I was raised on bread and bologna You can't come around here 'cause ya phony Now keep it movin, move around, get off me Now keep it movin, move around, get off me (bip) Now keep it movin, move around, get off me (bip) Now keep it movin, move around, get off me (bip) Dudes gotta leave, but you can stay shawty [Verse 1: B.G.] Look, you know I been up in the game for a long time (time) And Imma tell ya homey, it whatn't a easy grind (grind) Been through this, been through that, been through everything (everything) But I'm real, so I still manage to do my thing (yep) I held it down every since I came through the do' (do') Representin 504 'til the meat show (New Orleans) You know the underdog always do it big [Mannie Fresh] Waaaaannnnhhh, it's the comeback kid [B.G.] I'm getting money, looking good, just look at the watch (bling) Matter fact, take a look in the parking lot (daaammnnn) I'm representin the blocks from the east to the west (west) It ain't no secret, down south is the shit (down south) Yeah, New Orleans gone, yeah, New Orleans fucked (fucked) But wherever we go you gotta deal wit us (deal wit it) All my gangstas, put ya hands up (put 'em up) All my hot girls, back dat ass up (back it up) [Chorus] [Verse 2: B.G.] Look, I try to stay low-key when I'm on the block (block) But I'm known by name by every cop (every cop) But I don't care, that's nothin, grind don't stop (don't stop) I'm on fire, still hustle when the block hot (hot hot hot) I'm real, so I ain't never ever forgot (unh unh) Mannie Fresh was the reason that I was so hot And we again bout to go back to the top (to the top) We gon have the rap game back on lock (on lock) I'm a real "G", career ain't near over Got flooded, still representin VL and Magnolia (VL) Still represent the whole New Orleans Get it right and keep it right, I'm the Heart of Tha Streetz My reputation speak for itself, it's all good Any state, any block dawg I'm all good All my gangstas, gon put ya hands up (put 'em up) And all my hot girls, back dat ass up (back it up) [Chorus] [Verse 3: B.G.] It ain't easy livin where the young die fast (fast) It's either rap, or take a penitentiary chance (chance) This rap shit too easy for me to go back Ten for a piece of crack, fifty to rap on a track But I ain't lyin, the streets call sometime I could go to Detroit, sell 'em a thousand a pound And get 'em for bout two-hunned in H-Town Forget it, I ain't even goin that route (fuck it) I just do it like I do it 'cause the streets love it (love it) I hold it down, never bound, out of state thuggin' I don't be trippin when the haters go to mean-muggin' (muggin') I keep a strap in the hand so I keep stuntin' (stuntin') Now it's known by the whole world who a joke (joke) He ain't a man, he got dreads you already know (Wayne) All my gangstas, gon put ya hands up (put 'em up) And all my hot girls, back dat ass up [Chorus]

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