Uptown Thang (Remix Hot) Testo

Testo Uptown Thang (Remix Hot)

It's an uptown Thang nigga From the 3 to the 13th As I proceed to hit the muthafuckin' weed I be givin' you exactly what you need To bob your head, cuz I know you likes to bob it Back and forward to what that nigga Fresh droppin' Music that's non-stoppin' P-poppin' for the hoes Gangsta ass shit, for the nigga smokin' opthimals You know we gets busy Uptown is the clique Big Boy can't fuck wit us, cuz Ca$h Money is the shit I represent, real ass niggas fa sho From the Mac to the Melph to the Calio Up in the Clara, V.L., the shit in between Bout green can't forget about Josephine Know what I mean? Don't get caught in none of those areas Or six people will carry ya, niggas'll bury ya Bitch, I thought you knew? You can't fuck with me The B.G., you want me find me In the U.P.T., with the 2-2-3, ready to bust back nigga feel me Here's the fuckin' deal, gotta keep it real Gotta holla at gangsta Hot boy hard to kill Magnolia in effect, six co fa sho My girl Shavonda in effect smoke somethin' fa sho I'ma let my nutts hang, bang or get banged For life, I thought you knew that it's an uptown thang pussy! Chorus: Uptown got'cha catchin' up the guard quicker They got a T-shirt waitin' on yo fuckin' picture Uptown got'cha catchin' up the guard quicker They got a T-shirt waitin' on yo fuckin' picture I represent to the fullest, Uptown's the shit And the clique I'm in with nigga 2-2-6 I keep it real for the real So the real could feel what I feel about my grill Them raps, is worth a mil You get killed if you get caught up with me in gangsta shit When I say Uptown brings it you experience Commence upon the drama that I present clown I'm uncomfortable, if in a town that's not Uptown Get down with all that huntin', my trigga finga glad To wrap around the K, and put some fire on that ass My nigga Yella bad but Baby G. even worse You ridin' in a hearse, if I grab and start clickin' first Headbusta Big Mo out that CP3 Calliope, home of that dope, nigga U.P.T. St. Thomas got that torture, bad since '25 That Fuji powered niggas just do it a Worldwide I'm high til' I die, think I'm fake nigga try I'm off of Texas cheddar wit U.G.K. smokin' fry Them Lite Riders, you run up, I told'ja I let'em hang Bang or get banged nigga it's an uptown thang Chorus Once again it's me representin', comin' straight from the streets Of the U.P.T., it's me, the Cash money B.G. Lettin' you know make it relate, fuck you up with the flows Tell her how it goes, niggas slip see how fast I show we ain't hoes So recognize, I keep it real, for my niggas Most niggas who feel us is real Uptown niggas You figure, because I'm younger, that you harder Well keep ya head up or busta it's man slaughter Is you ready? To come swim in the water with the sharks In the dark? You not bitch I can see it in your heart YOU'Z A HOE So stay on your side of the field On tha real slip on tha banana peel get killed Stop playin', before I start sprayin' I done told ya I'll take it off ya shoulder I'm a Uptown solja So what's happenin'? I'm fuckin' wit that S.T.P. So what's happenin'? I'm fuckin' wit that 1-2-3 So what's happenin'? I'm fuckin' wit htat 17 It's understood that I'll die for that wild 13 So keep it real, I'm chillin' wit that World War 2 Representin', I'm gone wit that 11th ward crew I smoke weed put a little dope and let my nutts hang To the end, I'm here to tell ya it's an Uptown thang Chorus

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