Chocolate Frogs Testo

Testo Chocolate Frogs

The bloated corpses of unsolved murders and old revolutions, pirouette and dance amongst the swirls and eddies in their final procession down the muddy river to the delta where they're thrown up by the surf onto sterile beaches or are trapped in the roots of mangrove cathedrals of the islands that gather in the bay.These are the first arrivals on this new horizon that will be coveted by strangers who will deposit themselves on these shores to build towers to the heavens. The storm will come and the rains will fall and remove their dreams and hopes once again to the waters that surround them. And while they pray the frogs will chant in the darknessA heid full of chocolate frogs, a body full of rush, a pocketful of shrapnel and a skinfull of bush,an eyefull of the future and a belly full of the past, how beautiful the present when you know it cannae lsat.A tumblerful of voddie, two fingers in a glass, a handful of promises, a heart full of remorse,mindful of your manners when you're brought down to your knees,a heid full of chocolate frogs is all you gave to me,That's all you gave to me, that's all you gave to me,A spoonful of miracles a nostril full of dust a lung full of Virginia the needs we have we must,a pill to put your heart right a nose out for a deal for a heid full of chocolate frogs what can you give to me?What did you give to me?What did you give to me?What did you give to me?---Mehr Fish / Marillion unter und

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