Mr. 1470 Testo

Testo Mr. 1470

What would you do if it all broke up?What would you do if the doors were shutAnd the pearls are being eaten by the swine?What would you do when the worms don't turn?There's nothing left nowhere to runAnd it's looking slightly bleaker every dayDo you follow your heart, do you follow the drum?Do you follow the flag, do you shoulder the gun?Do you slow march off the edge with head held high?Do you do down gently without a fight?Do you take it on the chin and beg for more?When the sword is raised and the trumpet callsYou bow down, bow down, bow down to the Emperor's songDid you believe in the post-war dream?Do you hate dealing with machines?And one's picking up your prayer off the phoneYou followed advice, you followed the workYou followed the rules, you gave it your lotBut a younger man's just taken on your jobWe've all got long term contracts with the man upstairsBut who's picking up the options on our soulsWhen it's one life fir mand the deal is upYou bow down, bow down to the Emperor's songWhat do you do when its all too muchWhen you're out of luck and out of touchAnd you can't relate to anything they sayWhat you do when it gets too toughWhen you want to say that enough's enoughYou want to walk away and just throw in the towelDo you go with the grain, do you go with the tide?Do you go with the crowd, do you go for the ride?Do you hang on in until the bitter end?There's a bandwagon leaving but it's not for meI've swallowed all the hooks and want no moreBut when the lights are dimmed and the curtain callsYou bow down, bow down, to the Emperor's song

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