Raw Meat Testo

Testo Raw Meat

Raw meat for the balconyAnother mugging in Tin Pan AlleyAnother heart attack takes the centre stageYou might think I'm being cynicalBut after these years I can still pass the physicalStill got my corner, still got my edgeAnd the waitress takes an order for another roundAnd I try to blend my way into the crowdBut the hunter of the autograph he wants my nameAnd I just can't find the strength to turn him downRaw meat for the balcony don't get me wrongI don't need your sympathy, just lend me an ear and spare me a dimeI'm just a tear in the public eyeFrom laughing or crying it don't mean that much to meSome sort of reaction is all that I needThe cognac goes down better in the hotel roomWhen you are staring at the writing on the wallCondemned by the critics who want to tear me downWhen it's just another lyric going for a songWe're low on life on the highway in search of coinPicking up the pennies from the roadGuided by direction, in the wake of starsWe were driven by a dream that has broken downBut the bandwagon, well it's parked up in another townWe hope tomorrow, that its heading out our wayTo get us out of this tunnel where we've paid our duesWith friends we buried out there beyond the lightsRaw meat for the balconyIs that all I am ,is that all I'm going to be?Raw meat for the balconyNobody's fool but mine, is that my destiny?But if the bandwagon takes off for another townAnd the suits that buy the wine they don't like my songThough I'm playing to empty tablesTill the curtain fallsI'll always find the strength to carry onI'll always have the strength to carry onI'm Raw Meat

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