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Testo Solo

Good morning, good afternoonAnd what have you got to say?Well, I'm waiting, but I can't stay longIt's such a lovely dayThere's a time to be talkingAnd there's a time when it's no useRight now I think the things you sayAre liable to confuseI've just gone soloDo you play soloAin't life a solo?What a wonderful way to liveShe's travelling all over the worldWhy, the flame and all the goldenOpportunities unfurledNo time for the gent with the Mulliner BentlyAnd heaven knows what elseWhy, he wouldn't even stand a chanceWith all his oilwellsShe just went soloDo you play soloAin't life a soloI've always lived in a maisonOn the other side of the moonI've always kept a unicornAnd I never sing out of tuneI could tell you that the grassIs really greener on the other side of the hillBut I can't communicate with youAnd I guess I never willWe've all gone soloWe all play soloAin't life a solo

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