The Wake -Up Call (Make It Happen) Testo

Testo The Wake -Up Call (Make It Happen)

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
In the end I found beginnings, not a vision, a wake up call,raised from the dead by a beating heart and at last I can see it alland my eyes were opened to the darkness, in my hand a burning flame,a spark of life to touch the fuse and blow these clouds away,I can make it happen, if I want to,Make it happen, if I try,Forgive, forget, forever never means as much as it does today,make it happen, we can make it happen, we can make it happen.When I wake up, will you be there? It can never be teh same.If we can take our lives slowly, step by step, we can be dancing in the rain,We can make it happen, we can make it happen, make it happen,forgive, forget, forever means today, make it happen, we can make it happen,We can make it happen, forgive, forget, forever means today,Make it happen.---Mehr Fish / Marillion unter und

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