40oz. For Breakfast Testo

Testo 40oz. For Breakfast

[Gift of Gab] A forty ounce for breakfast gets a brother through the day I guess I shoulda had a V8 instead; anyway let me contemplate my thought something back to a time when my fridge was full of booze but in my pocket not one dime I remember back on Willis Ave, with my ace-boom homey Mark Black I would start the day off hearin the sound of the fo'-oh crack I went to work blitzed, so eventually I got dissed and caught a shocker when my supervisor said "You're dismissed" Now as I stare at my last check now my mind is stressed and depressed I spell relief S-T-I-D-E-S yes with a little excess less the worry Why go job hunting today? When I can sit back and smoke this sack and drink and feel my problems shrink away And by now, the rent's due in two weeks But inside my mind that's just another problem brew can delete I got evicted, to the point where the court martial came to my door and said, "Get this kid: get your bags and split you don't live here no more" And now I'm ass out; I'm so damn hungry I feel like I'm gonna pass out I asked my brother for a handout and he hooked me though I knew he had doubts And rightfully so, cause I had new shit to deal with I'm so confused I have no control of my life I think I'll get lit So as my problems compile, I steady smile, oh yes Sippin on that forty ounce that's leadin me to a path of nowhere So as I think about tomorrow, I hesitate and say: a forty ounce for breakfast, will get me through the day.. A forty ounce for breakfast gets a brother through the day I guess I shoulda rolled a joint up instead; anyway seems like everytime I start I don't know when it's time to say when Now my mental gets all blurred and inside talk the ill-behavin Coolin with my boys, no names need to be mentioned At a party with some brothers I don't know I'm chillin in some E&J With a forty O-Z to wash the shit down and plus a lot of marijuana now I need to sit down I can't remember the last time I was this blew out of my cranium My ears and head begin to hum aloud as the room spun; anyway next thing I know I blacked out woke up with vomit all over my coat Start talkin out my ass I can't see straight but yet I quote and I don't know what came over me, I started dissin both my homies that I used to freestyle with and now I'm askin them to show me what they got not thinkin straight I don't know why I posed the challenge Now my ego is erupting as if I was Mt. Saint Helens Some shit was said I know I can't erase and now shit ain't the same I wish I had just one more chance to live that day again I strain; cause this bid was to find a true friend and loose them to booze in my system just ain't how I'm livin Nothin I could really say to mend up how someone else feels And so I guess I gotta wait and see if maybe the wounds will heal And I really didn't mean a word I said though I can't prove that Now the only thing that I can really say is I went out And out I went and now and then I get irate and say A forty ounce for.. nah A forty ounce for.. fuck!! Just one more forty just one more I'll make this last day A forty ounce for breakfast, can get me through the day

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