Deep In The Jungle (feat. Latyrx) Testo

Testo Deep In The Jungle (feat. Latyrx)

[Gift of Gab] And I come like this [scratched] I've got a few things I wanna say [Gift of Gab] I'm gunnin', ya runnin away, do not stay Cuz the wrath of the gift will be hittin' ya spliff And a lot of the crews got sprayed and yelled RAID Like a couple of roaches, as struggle approaches, A brother'll blow this Another ferocious jam, I smother the ?grossagran? I hover above the land of lame emcees that dont blow I'm poppin' the clip and then bo bo with the gun And a once in a munch chest, rest in peace And I ?bellow you to beast? I abolish emcees with sounds like these Run over enemies and I rest in the west Dark hemisphere, burn wit a fear is nothin but a mere setback Hear when I'm here, Earn wit a clear conscience in the middle of the jet black I'm a dog, running through the jungle Wit a hoodie and black hat choppin down ?noonsies? Not a frog, cunning yet I'm humble Gotta do the jewels tack wack talkin clowns Tip me, I'ma knock 'em all around, bust a front With a fat blunt swinging on a vine in the homeland I'ma tack 'em in the sound little punks when the rap bump Springin on the rhyme I bowl man Gifted when I'm lifted off a spliff hit, Reminisce shit, riff with dipshits This shit is the mischievous style of the gifted, I'm a whiz kid, get a whiff kid Swingin' down low, breakin' down flows With a new flow medley outgrow when you step back To the black with a fat rap with a fat sack With a little bit a funk in my napsack Take it back to the brother land And I was smotherin' stupid idiots like Tarzan Givin' back to the brother man and get another land, Man gimme it, its Or-land-o How easy and tight wishin' into the depths Up in the sound in the heart of the jungle Gettin' wild with the art of the rumble, Never amount to be smarter than Dumbo Make 'em mumble, make 'em humble, Get me round from the start, you will crumble, And you tumble, and you stumble And I do it like that From the end to the other end never gonna end, Set a trend with the maniac mic clutch Hey ?bob by the ba?, said you keep your day job My competitors never know the right touch Have to bail through the backstreets, raisin' hell to a black beat Rappers fail to attack me, like a sail with the slack g I attack 'em like acne, exactly UGH [spoken] Mindless cretins grow through idiosynchrosy Peels up, rising up, down [Lateef] Steppin' up through the deep, dank murkiness No telling what is lurking I hero it, but will I sense a jerkin I proceed to bust a buster Cuz I trust the finer design in the mind of the rhyme Just about impossible to find What a disgrace to the race of wack mc's I am because I choose to stand my ground FIRM and blowin' the rhythm the vermin and learnin' All I know is we've earned every entry attained And strained the game, and what I'm tryin' to explain is that The deeper we're creepin' the more we find sleepin' And slippin' just shootin' dead lips on a mission Its missin' the reason the gift we've been given the rhythm Cuz that just the way we've been livin And thrive in the essence, survive and its easy To recognize when analyzing ?the bo? Surprises the lame in this line and tryin' To get you to buy into their fantasy world Can it be damaged the ?emina? bones Of the fellas and men thats exploting my culture Can't understand every breast that you touch Was as up ?paper scun? be one hung motherfucker Such as nowadays, its fallin' and splinterin', just timber, instead of Gettin out of my way, and what I'm -- meaning to say is that The canopy that covers me now is the blackest, attack this I thought we already established the wackness Presented in the cemented jungle By the bumblin' brothers stumblin' tumblin' down Surround me in a cannibalistic style, but I just smile and Silence 'em like the lambs, they all the whole flock We just one magic stock style I'm gettin' 'em off like crack viles, and wicked the whole fuckin while Not trippin over no vines, or over no swine, or over no mines Or over no line at the plot Thinkin' of whippin' 'em like a glock in the jungle [spoken] Now in the beginning of the journey Not in time, but in the mind Imagine the camels being loaded up The men, loading themselves up It's a long journey -- the oasis is all in the clamor As we start from the top we go to the very bottom Of a myserious place -- a very mysterious place What's that I see? Ahhhh [Lyrics Born] I can't even describe you, so I ain't even gon' try...hmmmm Making hell of mc Asia is now this I dont dispute but you knew You knew Lyrics Born was a ripped off note sheet of a hundred And you scrape the paint off your bumpers making sure you beat the buzzer Making sure Lyrics Born came out his mother's stomach Covered with the lyrics that kill No bumper, right? Cuz mo'fucka I know you can make colors rhyme And have the whole goddamn planet yellin uncle at you and even Still take the time big up little ?egg?, can you imagine? Big up Asia Born, this little bottle Or that you would even be lightly concerned with little, little words That you would tug at the line, pullin' the kind Of lyrics out my mouth that make me big bad don, takin' kids' legs home You can't even back a sliver roach, you know That type shit, and then watch me wreck this stage Boy like I got your daddy's style hangin' around my waist And then watch me forget -- the way Good lyrics taste, thinkin' I just ain't little rabbit eyes in your heart Man, cuz if I thought it was just Lyrics Born that made lyrics born, lyrics born And then suddenly I can't do no more, I'd be like "Do you remember me?" No, Asia And you used to play my record on the way to the vapor

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