3800 (We're Unstoppable) Testo

Testo 3800 (We're Unstoppable)

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I blame you most of all for this,
The songs I sing,
The loves I missed,
The words you spoke
The heart you broke,
The sleepless nights where I can't cope.

The good, the bad, the in between,
All the times you believed in me,
You've thrown it all away,
Can't believe I'm losing you
(I can't wallow in my losses)
Left with time and nothing to say,
Guess it's time to face the facts,
I'll still save the fucking straws that broke my.... BACK.

I'll never know what you wanted me to do,
'Cause you didn't care,
I'll get by try my best
This I swear on your life

Scarica la suoneria di 3800 (We're Unstoppable)!
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