Who I Am Testo

Testo Who I Am

What is it that you see in me?
Do you expect me to just agree?
Well I can't and I'm sorry,
but nothing means anything to me.
I can tell you who I am,
but you just won't understand.
Never even had a chance
to fall feet first when I land.
You probably don't blame me at all,
but you will when you finally fall.
Everything I do is wrong,
just listen to the fucking song.
You don't know how I am,
you're blinded cause I'm your friend.
You'll see soon enough,
your faith was just too much.
Think I'm giving UP THIS TIME
Think I'm giving UP THIS TIME.
Think I'm giving UP THIS TIME.
This I'm giving UP THIS TIME.
I lost my ambition when I swallowed my pride,
I have nothing to lose, losing my will to live.
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