I Refuse Testo

Testo I Refuse

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
My mask is
Slow fading
I'm quietly
Coming into my own
Time can be,
Can be so draining
Like a cut that won't heal and goes straight to the bone

I refuse
To stand by
I refuse
To close my eyes

Just because we're breathing
Doesn't mean we're alive
The beat goes on long after we're gone
What will they say
After you die
Moving along slowly moving along
I'm moving towards
Screaming out
Screaming so loud
I'm screaming for

Everything I want to say
Buried deep, inside of me
Everything that I said
Came back to me, the wrong way
It's hard but I still have to try
To leave something behind

I refuse
To stand by
And I refuse to close my eyes

I refuse [x3]

I need to be moving toward
I need to be screaming for
I need to be more understanding
I need to do more than standing

I can't, I can't
Let life pass me by
I can't, I can't
Let life pass me by
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