Wolves at My Door Testo

Testo Wolves at My Door

The end is just the beginning
Of being lost then found
You find yourself wondering
How it would be if you weren't around

Here I am
Here I stand
I've reached out my hand
But you had a different plan
I should have known you were one of the wolves at my door

You drained the life from me
I'm so easily deceived
I just wasn't made to believe

I've given so much energy
Tryin' to place the blame around
This time it rests on me
For letting my guard down

I should have known
All along
You were one of,
Of the wolves
At my door

Now we're back again at this same old place
I'm just trying to recognize your face
I can't let you in now
That's how it all happens in the first place
I should have known all along
I let you string me along
I was just too stupid to realize
I let myself be compromized
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